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Hi, I'm Jamie Flick, Republican nominee for State Representative of the 83rd District. 

Whether you are a resident of the 83rd District, or you are interested in looking out for them, I invite you to explore this site to learn more about who I am and why I want to lower taxes, reform our education system, clean up our campaign finance system, ensure transparency and put an end to the corruption that has existed in Harrisburg for far too long. (Issues/Platform

Many of you may know that I do not accept donations or monies from special interest groups, political action committees (PACS), lobbyists or businesses. I do accept donations from individuals (up to $250) who want to support me. If you wish to contribute to my campaign as an individual, you may do so here.

Additionally, I invite you to learn more about my team of campaign volunteers and advisors.

I value meeting with people one-on-one.

During my primary campaign, I met with thousands of constituents and visited dozens of businesses. And I will continue to do so.

Each week, I attend as many municipal meetings as possible and visit businesses and organizations to support and be involved in opportunities and projects in our community.

So please be sure to reach out and email me at

I am available to meet with you individually, speak at events, and meet with large and small groups of people.  

Thank you kindly for your support.

- Jamie



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