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Sunday, August 14, 2022 8:44 PM

Summer In Review with Jamie Flick

As Republican nominee for State Representative of the 83rd District, Jamie Flick continues to uphold his commitment to be a strong advocate for our district. 

Jamie believes he can best represent the 83rd District by actively participating in community events and municipal meetings, visiting businesses, meeting with leaders in the private and public sector, speaking at events, and continuing his volunteerism with Little League, CASA and other organizations.  

Below is a short review of Jamie’s engagements over the summer.

Community Events

  • Jamie enjoyed attending the Lycoming County Fair and meeting with future constituents as he greeted guests visiting the Lycoming County Republican Party booth.
  • Jamie enjoyed speaking at the Freedom Festival held at the Savoy Plaza on Saturday and meeting with many engaged citizens. (There, he enjoying sharing a conversation about jobs and the economy with State Representative Carrie Lewis DelRosso, Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor.)
  • Jamie attended National Night Out -- an event designed to show support for those who protect and serve our community. Jamie was honored to meet with the Williamsport Police, South Williamsport Police, Loyalsock Twp Fire Department, Nisbet Fire Department, Duboistown Fire Department and South Williamsport Police.  
  • Jamie recently spoke at an event hosted by River Valley Health & Dental Center at the request of its president, Jim Yoxtheimer. Jamie also had the opportunity to meet with future constituents, dozens of employees and toured the facility.


Municipal Meetings & Local Government

  • Jamie attended a meeting with Loyalsock Township Fire Department and South Williamsport Fire Departments as they discussed possible regionalization of their resources.
  • He also has with Williamsport City Council President Adam Yoder and attended the most recent Williamsport City Council meeting.
  • Jamie attended the Union County Republican Committee meeting and appreciated the opportunity to speak with their members.
  • Jamie has met with Congressman Dan Meuser a number of times to strengthen the bond between our local district and our congressional representation. 
  • Additionally, Jamie has met with Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson, State Senator Gene Yaw, Lycoming County Commissioners Tony Mussare, Rick Mirabito and Scott Metzger, and 15 State Representatives from across the Commonwealth. 


Education & Mental Health 

  • Jamie met with the new Superintendent of South Williamsport Area School District to discuss improving mental health services in the district.
  • He has also met with the Loyalsock Township School District’s mental health department.
  • Jamie recently visited Blast Intermediate Unit 17 to meet with their behavior health coordinator.


Business, Tourism & Energy Sector

Jamie is on a mission to meet with 83 businesses this year as part of his “83 for 83” Goal. Below are a few of the businesses he’s visited and leaders he’s met, including:

  • Jamie has met  with Chamber of Commerce president Jason Fink on two occasions to review the needs of the business community.
  • Jamie met with Marcellus Shale energy experts at The James Restaurant in Williamsport to discuss jobs, legislation, logistics and reducing red tape bureaucracy. Pennsylvania College of Technology was also involved in their discussions.
  • Furthering his commitment to promote and expand the energy sector in our area, Jamie met with Range Resources Corporation and toured a producing well site in Lewis Township.
  • Additionally, Jamie has met with Jim Plankenhorn, the president of Steppe, and Rob Labatch, the president of Hope Enterprises, to build relationships between local service organizations and the next State Representative’s office.


Military & Veterans Appreciation

  • Jamie shared an amazing trip with his family in Fort Benning, Georgia to watch his son graduate bootcamp and become part of the U.S. Army Comanche Troop 5th Squadron, 15th Cavalry Regiment.
  • Jamie and his sons had the opportunity to meet with and thank several boot camp graduates, some of whom will be serving in the Pennsylvania National Guard.
  • Jamie met with recruiters for the US Army, Navy and Air Force this week to thank them for their service and learn how he can partner with them to be a force for good as state representative.



  • Jamie joined fellow volunteers at Little League International in preparation for the 2022 Little League World Series -- he is honored to contribute 35 years of volunteerism with Little League as a coach, board president, and grant writer. 
  • He was excited to take part in the annual Little League International World Series team drawing with his fellow “Team Uncles” to determine which team they will host during the World Series in August. This year, Jamie will be hosting the team from the Pacific Asia region
  • Jamie was honored to participate in Susquehanna Valley CASA's 4th Annual 'Ride for the Child' Motorcycle Ride to raise money for children going through the foster care system in our area. CASA volunteers, including Jamie, are highly trained to be the voice of the child(ren) who are abused and/or neglected, and are involved in dependency court by no fault of their own. Susquehanna Valley CASA— Voices for Children., is a 501c3 organization that serves Lycoming, Northumberland, Snyder and Union Counties.


Sunday, July 17, 2022 8:43 PM

Jamie Flick Wins Republican Nomination for 83rd District

Thank you to all of you who participated in the Primary Election this May and supported Jamie Flick.

Because of you, a true candidate of the people has won the Republican nomination -- and with your continued support this fall, Jamie will serve us as our next State Representative of the 83rd District.

Jamie wishes to thank his campaign team and volunteers for their dedication, time and support. 
He is proud of this campaign and the discipline it showed -- Jamie stayed positive, on budget, and kept his focus on issues that matter most to people.
For more coverage of Jamie's electoral win:




Sunday, May 15, 2022 9:49 AM

Q&A With Jamie Flick and Facts About Flick

Do You Support 2nd Amendment Rights?

Absolutely. I grew up on a farm where my dad taught me how to shoot when I was 10 years old and later took a hunter safety class. I have hunted ever since then. I own a private shooting range and allow retired state troopers and military veterans to use it. Together we have taught gun safety classes.

I fully support the 2nd amendment – always have and always will.


I received a mailer stating that you are a liberal and vote as such. Is this true?

Absolutely not. I registered as a Republican when Ronald Reagan was president. I have never been registered as a Democrat. I voted in the 2020 General Election for Donald Trump. These mailers are simply false and misleading. People are tired of the nonsense.


Do you support our military?

Yes. My family has a long history of military service. My grandfather fought in World War I. My father served in the Air Force, post WWII. My oldest son served in the US Navy as a cryptologist fighting the war on drugs in Central America. My brother-in-law was with the PA National Guard and killed in action in Iraq. One of my sons is now at boot camp in Fort Benning, Georgia where he is training to be a calvary scout. It goes without saying that I am EXTREMELY supportive of our military.


Is it true that you have not accepted a single penny from politicians, lobbyists, special interest groups, PACS, and corporations?

Yes, 100% true. I made a pledge not to accept any money from these groups. I do not want to feel beholden to any politician or to any specific group that may have business dealings before the state.

My opponent on the other hand has taken over $60,000* from politicians, political action committees and out-of-town people who have business dealings before the state. (*This is the amount that is currently reported – yet hard to find since one has to ask the state directly for the information – another oddity). She then used this money to hire out-of-town vendors to create negative, misleading ads.


    • Jamie Has Voted Republican Since Ronald Reagan Was President. He’s Not A Liberal and He’s Never Been a Democrat.
    • Jamie Flick Is A Sportsman, Hunter & NRA Member. He Owns A Private Shooting Range, Teaches Men, Women and Teens The Basics of Gun Safety, And Retired State Troopers and Military Gunnery Sergeants Host Gun Safety Training At His Range — To Portray Him As Anti-Gun Rights Is Simply Not True.
    • Jamie Challenged An Incumbent Because He Believes He Can Do More For Our Area — Over 5,000 People On Facebook Agree, Including 2,200 Folks Who Recently Followed His Campaign.
    • Jamie Did Not Ask or Or Accept ANY MONEY From Politicians, Businesses, Political Action Committees, Lobbyists or Special Interest Groups. His Opponent Has Received Over $60,000 From Politicians, PACS and Out Of Towners with Business Before The State.
    • Jamie Flick Is Running A Good, Clean Campaign. He Didn’t Hire Out Of Town Vendors To Attack His Opponent with Negative, Misleading Ads


This May 17th, Jamie Asks For Your Vote.

Thursday, May 12, 2022 9:12 AM

Jamie Shares His Top 3 Action Items & What Sets Him Apart


Wednesday, May 4, 2022 5:04 PM

Jamie Flick's Qualifications

Business Owner and Job Creator                                    

IT/ Software Development Company

  • Founder, President and CEO of Susquehanna Software, Inc  (1986-present)
    • Started the company in his basement and grew it into a multi-million-dollar business
    • Susquehanna Software is the # 1 selling Human Services software in the Commonwealth of PA
    • The software is now used in 61 of the 67 counties in the Commonwealth and hundreds of providers.  There are currently over 4,500 users of the software for Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Early Intervention, Intellectual Disability, Aging, and Transportation
    • Susquehanna Software has competed and won contracts against industry giants like Hewlett Packard, Deloitte and Tidgwell – effectively eliminating them from the PA map for Human Services software
    • Developed software for manufacturing, trucking, parking and municipal industries and astutely understands the needs of businesses
    • Jamie has positions for 10 full-time employees 
    • Jamie coordinates with a large number of State agencies including OCDEL (Office of Child Development and Early Learning), OMHSAS (Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse), DDAP (Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs), ODP (Office of Developmental Programs), OLTL (Long Term Living) Aging, and Transportation
    • Developed Jury Selection software currently in 13 counties in the Commonwealth 
    • Developed Recidivism software, merging Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol and County jail data to show outcomes.  Lycoming County was one the first county to have this software.

Additional Experience & Qualifications

  • Adjunct professor of Computer Science at Penn College (formerly WACC.) at the age of 20, teaching advanced computer programming languages
  • Software engineer and systems analyst for GTE Sylvania from 1983 through 1986

Real Estate Business

  • Founder, President and CEO of Flick Properties, a Real Estate management company which has tenants in both residential and commercial sectors (warehousing, dog park, industrial container sales, parking)
  • Co-Founder and Vice President of Flanton Properties, a land management company in northern Lycoming County (farming, hunting, timbering, conservation)
  • Jamie employs and oversees a large number of part-time seasonal staff with the companies listed above 

Agricultural & Forestry Background

    • Raised on a farm in the Nippenose Valley
    • Owns a 165-acre farm in northern Lycoming County.  The pastures are leased to a neighboring farmer and the woodland is used for a variety of recreational purposes (hunting, 4 wheeling, camping)

Community Involvement

  • Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for Foster Children
  • As a single father, Jamie also became custodial guardian for two inner-city children from Brooklyn 
  • Founder and President of the South Williamsport Community Park Association where he spearheaded the building of 5 tennis courts at no cost to taxpayers.  Also led the renovation of ball fields in the area
  • Has served as a President, board member, volunteer and sponsor to Little League since 1993
  • American Cancer Society volunteer
  • Coached Odyssey of the Mind 
  • Coached youth baseball, basketball, football and soccer and volunteered to develop wrestling software for a number of districts in the area
  • Initiated a Military Appreciation program and was a Veterans Day guest speaker in area school districts
  • Drama Club and Band volunteer and sponsor
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer
  • Fresh Air child host
  • Founder and teacher of Summer Life Skills classes for teenagers (volunteer – free to all kids)
  • Little League International Team Host / Uncle
  • Annual West Branch Drug & Alcohol ‘Running Over Addiction’ volunteer and sponsor
  • Board member of the Robert Porter Allen Nature Preserve 
  • Revitalized a private 4-acre former dump site and pond and facilitated fishing derbies for local children

Jamie’s Conservative Values & Positions

Military / Veterans / Patriotic

  • Grandfather was a marine casualty in the Battle of Belleau Wood in France, the bloodiest battle for marines in WW I.  
  • Father served in the Air Force in Germany post WW II and many of his relatives have served
  • Oldest son was a cryptologist in the US Navy fighting the war on drugs in central America
  • Son that recently graduated is now at boot camp in the US Army at Fort Benning 
  • “Significant other” attended the US Coast Guard Academy where she studied civil engineering
  • Facilitated multiple motorcycle rides to the Flight 93 Memorial
  • Met with Homeland Secretary and former PA Governor Tom Ridge at the Memorial site and raised funds for the Memorial
  • Active motorcyclist in the 9-11 ride to honor those that gave their lives and those that serve(d)
  • Volunteer with Wreaths Across America, whose mission is to remember and honor veterans

Second Amendment (Pro-2A)

  • Lifelong hunter and is a member of the NRA
  • Owns a private shooting range in Armstrong Township
  • Partners with Master Gunner Kwan Martin to provide free gun safety and shooting lessons at his range

Pro Life

  • Mother taught Sunday School at the Oval United Methodist Church for over 50 years and set the foundation for pro-life beliefs
  • Position has never wavered from pro-life stance

Voting & Party History 

  • Registered to vote (as a Republican) in 1988 when Ronald Reagan was President
  • Worked as a teenager for Republican Senator Henry Hager 
  • Voted Republican for the last 34 years

Saturday, April 23, 2022 9:22 PM

Opening Day

Jamie Flick was honored to throw out the first pitch at Lions Field for Opening Day of South Williamsport Little League.

Over the span of 28 years, Jamie has served as a coach, volunteer, sponsor and board president for this organization and it means a lot to him. So do the kids.

Lions Field in South Williamsport is the second oldest Little League field in the world – and it showed as the field became unplayable a decade ago. 

That changed under the leadership of Jamie and countless businesses, families, and members of the community.

Under Jamie's tenure, the league raised over $250,000 to create one of the best playing fields in the United States — at no expense to tax payers.  

Since the restoration, more than 1,000 children from Williamsport, Loyalsock, South Williamsport, Montgomery, Lewisburg, Montoursville and beyond have played on the field.

Jamie also started the tradition of having each player after every game, win or lose, run out to center field and touch the faces of former Little Leaguers Abe Howard and Sean Thomas, both killed in action. That tradition continues today.

In 2014, Jamie and the South Williamsport Little League received the Carl Stotz Community Award, given to only one league per year in the entire country that exemplifies leadership, character and dedication.  

The Carl E. Stotz Little League Community of the Year Award is focused on honoring a league that creates a player-centric culture and is aligned with the goals of the Little League International Strategic Plan.

Saturday, April 16, 2022 5:51 PM

Jamie Introduces Himself to Voters

Across the 83rd district, residents are receiving a letter from Jamie, introducing himself and sharing more about his background, values and what he will accomplish for us as State Representative. Below is a copy of Jamie's letter. 



Dear Friend,

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Jamie Flick and I am a Republican candidate for the 83rd District seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The recently realigned district now includes parts of Lycoming and Union counties. I am reaching out to you, my fellow citizen, to introduce myself and to ask for your support in the upcoming primary.

I was born in Montgomery and raised on a farm in Jersey Shore. My father was a welder and my mother taught Sunday school and cleaned houses for a living – along with running the farm. My five brothers and I were extremely blessed to have parents that instilled a strong work ethic and moral values which I have carried with me my entire life. I had an entrepreneurial interest as a teenager, raising and selling vegetables, operating a Christmas tree farm, and driving trucks to bordering states to deliver seed corn. I put myself through college by working two jobs.

After graduating from the Williamsport Area Community College with a degree in Computer Science, I worked for GTE Sylvania as a software engineer and was also an adjunct professor, teaching computer programming classes. In 1986 I took a risk and started my own software company. Thirty-eight years later, my company is the #1 selling Human Services software company in Pennsylvania, serving 60 of 67 counties. Additionally, I started a successful real estate company. I attribute the majority of my success to the work ethic and principles I learned from my parents.

I have served the community as a volunteer for many years including:

  • CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for mentoring foster children

  • Fresh Air Fund, becoming the sole legal guardian of two children

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer

  • American Cancer Society volunteer

  • Grade parent

  • President, board member and coach of South Williamsport Little League for 25 years

  • Odyssey of the Mind coach

  • Youth football, basketball and soccer coach

  • Founder and President of the South Williamsport Community Park Association where I

    spearheaded the building of 5 new tennis courts and 2 new ball fields

  • Board member of other local organizations

page1image45916032 page1image45910464

I am the proud father of six children, including a Navy Veteran and an enlistee in the Army who currently is in boot camp at Fort Benning, Georgia. Two of my other children are in college, and the remaining two are in high school.

I am a political outsider and have never held office before. I believe it is time to elect people that are not career politicians. I believe in term limits and in holding people accountable – including government. The waste, fraud and abuse in Harrisburg needs to end, and that can only be accomplished by getting rid of the status quo.

As a Republican, I will defend the 2nd amendment (I own a private shooting range). I am pro-life and pro jobs. I will work to immediately get relief for senior citizens with common-sense property tax reform and the elimination of the inheritance tax.

You can learn more about me by visiting my website at or on facebook at

I do prefer meeting with people face to face, and welcome the opportunity to meet with you, your families and neighbors, or any of the local organizations and boards you may be involved with, on a more personal level. I have included my contact information below.

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and I look forward to earning your vote on May 17th, 2022 (or before if you choose to mail-in your vote).

Warm Regards,

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 6:45 PM

Flick Campaign Kicks Off to Great Start

Jamie Flick’s campaign to be our next Republican State Representative of the 83rd District has kicked off to a great start! 

Jamie and his committee formally hosted a very well attended Meet & Greet and Campaign Kick-Off Party at Duboistown Fire Hall on March 18th. 

Since then, Jamie has been visiting with residents from boroughs and neighborhoods across the district and attending various township meetings to introduce himself, learn more about you and your needs from our state leaders, and to accept signatures for his nomination petition.

We’re happy to share that Jamie is on the ballot! 

To the nearly 800 people from across the 83rd District who have signed Jamie Flick’s nominating petition and to our great group of volunteers — THANK YOU! 

Receiving this many signatures and this much early support is no small feat for a political outsider. 

And we hear you. It is time for change. It is time for a representative who will do more for our area.

Jamie is the candidate who will get the job done for us.

And thankfully, because of you, his campaign to take conservative and common-sense Republican values to Harrisburg is gaining momentum. 

If you would like to show your support for Jamie with a yard sign at your home or property, please message us at or call us at (570) 932 - 0517.

Most importantly — this May 17th, Vote for Jamie Flick for State Representative.

Thank you all for your well wishes and support! 


Tuesday, March 1, 2022 7:15 PM

Manufacturing expert joins Jamie's team

Jamie's campaign team is excited to announce the addition of Shaun Sholder.  Shaun grew up in Lycoming County  and graduated from Jersey Shore High School.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania where he also played football and wrestled.

Shaun recently retired as manufacturing manager from International Paper.  In his 32 year career he worked in 7 different locations in the United States and Europe in the operations and engineering fields.  He also spent 8 years working in the technology group going to plants worldwide to improve their reliability and productivity.

Shaun is married to the former Kathy Crist from Jersey Shore and they now live in Lycoming County.   Together they enjoy visiting their two daughters, one in the Columbus area and the other at the Marine base in Okinawa, Japan.  Shaun brings expertise in manufacturing and technology to Jamie's team.

Sunday, February 27, 2022 9:41 PM



Flick, an action-oriented Republican and conservative businessman, is a natural-born leader who will fight to lower taxes, reform lawmakers’ pension plans and our education system, and insist on term limits to benefit residents of the 83rd District.

Download: JamieFlickAnnouncesCandidacy-83rdDistrict.PressRelease.02.18.2021.pdf

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 12:00 AM

Record Pay Raise for State Representatives takes effect January 1, 2022

Pennsylvania lawmakers received record pay raises that increase their yearly salary to nearly $100,000.  Lawmakers who hold elected caucus leadership posts will earn up to nearly $150,000.  This action puts salaries of lawmakers in Pennsylvania among the highest in the nation.

A 1995 state law approved by State Reps and other lawmakers automatically ties the pay of legislators, judges and top executive branch officials, including the governor, to the annual change in the U.S. Department of Labor-determined Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers for Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.  They have received raises in 23 of the last 25 years.

Simply put, these types of "Midnight Pay Raises" are criminal and they need to stop.  At a time when folks in Pennsylvania are hurting, their State Representatives are quietly getting rich off of their backs. I will work to rescind these automatic pay raises.

Monday, January 31, 2022 11:58 AM

Redistricting of the 83rd and 84th Districts

The Pennsylvania Legislative Reapportionment Commission, on Friday, February 4, 2022, approved the Final Reapportionment Plan for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

So, what exactly does that mean to the 83rd district?  For now it means voters in the following areas can vote for Jamie:

The city of Williamsport and the TOWNSHIPS of Armstrong, Brady, Clinton, Loyalsock, Susquehanna, and Washington, as well as the BOROUGHS of Duboistown, Montgomery, and South Williamsport and part of Union County consisting of the TOWNSHIPS of Gregg and White Deer.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will now allow approximately 30 days to citizens and groups to appeal the latest redistricting  maps. 


Monday, January 31, 2022 12:00 AM

Data Breaches and Cyber Security

According to the FBI, Pennsylvania led the nation in data breach losses last year.   Jamie would bring his Information Technology background to Harrisburg and help lead the fight in this ever- evolving sophisticated criminal activity.  We need better prevention and stiffer penalties when thieves steal your identity or data.  Jamie is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Susquehanna Software, Inc. and has worked with 60 of the 67 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, processing millions of confidential records.  In the 35 years Susquehanna Software has been in business, it has never suffered a single data breach. 

Friday, January 21, 2022 12:00 AM

Public Hearing regarding RHRCA.

HARRISBURG – The Center for Rural Pennsylvania, chaired by Sen. Gene Yaw, held a public hearing on Wednesday, February 9 at 9 a.m. at the State Capitol Building to learn more about the work of the Rural Health Redesign Center Authority (RHRCA), how it affects rural hospitals/providers, and what the legislature could do to support or enhance its work in the future.

Saturday, November 20, 2021 1:21 PM

Campaign Team Completed

Jamie has finalized his campaign committee to include Dr. Susan Branton, John Engel, Bambi Hawkins and Alivia Tagliaferri.  Please click the "Meet the Team" link to see outstanding bios of the committee.

Friends of Jamie Flick
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