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Flick, an action-oriented Republican and conservative businessman, is a natural-born leader who will fight to lower taxes, reform lawmakers’ pension plans and our education system, and insist on term limits to benefit residents of the 83rd District.

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, PA — February 18, 2022 — Local Republican businessman Jamie Flick announces his intention to unseat Representative Jeff Wheeland in the upcoming Primary Election to be a stronger and more consistent representative in Harrisburg for the residents of the 83rd District.

Flick pledges to lower taxes, reform our lawmakers’ pension plans and insist on term limits, reform our education system, increase transparency and put an end to the corruption that has existed in Harrisburg for far too long.

Specifically, he wants to fight to lower our taxes because the Pennsylvania Gas Tax is the second highest in the nation yet our roads and bridges are crumbling; the PA Small Business / Corporate Tax Rate is the second highest in the nation; the Inheritance / Death Tax is among the highest in the nation; and our senior citizens need property tax relief.

“We need to reform the state pension system for lawmakers,” states Flick. “And simply put, end the cronyism and corruption that has become commonplace in our Commonwealth.”

In January of 2022, state representatives including Flick’s opponent and other lawmakers, gave themselves an "automatic" pay raise of nearly $5,000 — the highest increase in 25 years. 

In 2019, the State Representatives finally voted for a 401K style pension reform for state workers after years of pressure from the taxpayers. However, the vast number of representatives including Representative Jeff Wheeland, who is seeking his fifth term, voted to keep their traditional plans, thereby costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars if they serve five terms.

“I will save taxpayers money on day one of my term and fight to reform our pension system to lower the tax burden for the people of the 83rd District.”

Regarding education reform, Flick wants to allow local school boards, teachers and parents to decide what is best for their students and will strive to keep the majority of kids in school and not be educated remotely. He believes in an education model that holds students accountable for their own actions, ensures students learn how to cope with stress and bullying, and provides enhanced mental health services.

Flick’s campaign team consists of Dr. Susan Branton, medical director of UPMC’s Breast Health Center in Williamsport; Bambi Hawkins, a business woman, veteran, paramedic, teacher, coach, and mother; John Engel, a financial industry leader and board member of several charities and former President of South Williamsport Area School District; and Alivia Tagliaferri, a local author, business owner and mental health advocate.

About Jamie Flick

A graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Technology with a degree in Software Engineering, Flick started his career as a systems analyst and software developer for GTE Sylvania. He then launched his own company, Susquehanna Software, Incorporated which ranks as the # 1 selling Human Services software in the state of Pennsylvania. The company currently provides software services in 60 of the 67 counties in the Commonwealth.

As a community volunteer, Jamie has developed a reputation for being a "go-to guy" through seeking out opportunities to help with a vast number and variety of needs. His volunteerism has encompassed current and past roles such as: 

  • Mentor and advocate for Foster children as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)
  • President and Founder of the South Williamsport Community Park Association
  • Big Brothers / Big Sisters Volunteer
  • American Cancer Society Volunteer
  • President, board member and volunteer of South Williamsport Little League (25 years)
  • Team "Uncle" and host for the Little League World Series
  • Youth coach for baseball, football, basketball, soccer (25 years)
  • Odyssey of the Mind Coach
  • Led efforts to build 5 tennis courts and new ball fields in his community - at no cost to taxpayers

Flick also served as an adjunct professor of Computer Science and Data Analytics at Penn College.

He credits being raised on his family’s farm in the Nippenose Valley with instilling both a strong work ethic and moral principles. This solid foundation helped him become a successful business owner and community leader. Flick believes we need to teach our young people, by our own example, what can happen when you combine a strong work ethic and American pride.


Media Contact

  • Bambi Hawkins
  • Phone: (570) 932- 0517
  • Email:

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