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Q&A With Jamie Flick and Facts About Flick

Do You Support 2nd Amendment Rights?

Absolutely. I grew up on a farm where my dad taught me how to shoot when I was 10 years old and later took a hunter safety class. I have hunted ever since then. I own a private shooting range and allow retired state troopers and military veterans to use it. Together we have taught gun safety classes.

I fully support the 2nd amendment – always have and always will.


I received a mailer stating that you are a liberal and vote as such. Is this true?

Absolutely not. I registered as a Republican when Ronald Reagan was president. I have never been registered as a Democrat. I voted in the 2020 General Election for Donald Trump. These mailers are simply false and misleading. People are tired of the nonsense.


Do you support our military?

Yes. My family has a long history of military service. My grandfather fought in World War I. My father served in the Air Force, post WWII. My oldest son served in the US Navy as a cryptologist fighting the war on drugs in Central America. My brother-in-law was with the PA National Guard and killed in action in Iraq. One of my sons is now at boot camp in Fort Benning, Georgia where he is training to be a calvary scout. It goes without saying that I am EXTREMELY supportive of our military.


Is it true that you have not accepted a single penny from politicians, lobbyists, special interest groups, PACS, and corporations?

Yes, 100% true. I made a pledge not to accept any money from these groups. I do not want to feel beholden to any politician or to any specific group that may have business dealings before the state.

My opponent on the other hand has taken over $60,000* from politicians, political action committees and out-of-town people who have business dealings before the state. (*This is the amount that is currently reported – yet hard to find since one has to ask the state directly for the information – another oddity). She then used this money to hire out-of-town vendors to create negative, misleading ads.


    • Jamie Has Voted Republican Since Ronald Reagan Was President. He’s Not A Liberal and He’s Never Been a Democrat.
    • Jamie Flick Is A Sportsman, Hunter & NRA Member. He Owns A Private Shooting Range, Teaches Men, Women and Teens The Basics of Gun Safety, And Retired State Troopers and Military Gunnery Sergeants Host Gun Safety Training At His Range — To Portray Him As Anti-Gun Rights Is Simply Not True.
    • Jamie Challenged An Incumbent Because He Believes He Can Do More For Our Area — Over 5,000 People On Facebook Agree, Including 2,200 Folks Who Recently Followed His Campaign.
    • Jamie Did Not Ask or Or Accept ANY MONEY From Politicians, Businesses, Political Action Committees, Lobbyists or Special Interest Groups. His Opponent Has Received Over $60,000 From Politicians, PACS and Out Of Towners with Business Before The State.
    • Jamie Flick Is Running A Good, Clean Campaign. He Didn’t Hire Out Of Town Vendors To Attack His Opponent with Negative, Misleading Ads


This May 17th, Jamie Asks For Your Vote.

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