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Thank you for visiting our endorsement page.  In keeping with my platform of eliminating corruption in Harrisburg along with campaign finance reform, I have chosen NOT to accept any endorsements from political organizations, businesses, special interests groups, lobbyists, unions, and such.  My endorsements will come from the people I serve.  Just like your vote matters, so does your endorsement.  Your words about a candidate could help sway other voters more than you may think.  The 83rd District is a small community where just about everyone knows everyone else - or at least within a couple degrees of separation.  Your endorsement is greatly appreciated!

~ Jamie

One of my favorite quotes from Edmund Burke says “All that is necessary for evil to triumph , is for good men to do nothing.” That is the reason I am endorsing Jamie Flick for District 83 State Representative . I’ve known Jamie for 40 years. His tireless commitment and vision for making things better will no doubt continue in Harrisburg! He has his focus on serving the constituents and remaining true to their needs. — Dori Rankinen
Retired Educator

I support Jamie 100% . He is the man to represents us in Harrisburg. Jamie is a family man , advocate for youth and vibrant community leader. He is a respected business man who will not back down and will work a task to it’s completion. I support Jamie and encourage other voters do follow suit. — Art Hengler

I have know Jamie Flick for nearly 40 years, he is a man of integrity, and one whose love of family and friends is without question. While he is a successful self-made businessman, from the very beginning he has found countless hours to gladly support and give back his community, especially the youth. Government, at all levels, needs more people like Jamie. — Justin Kowalsky

I can't think of a better man for the job than Jamie. I always knew big things were in store for him . Please join me in supporting Jamie!!! — Vicki Killian

I look forward to having the chance to vote for someone with such great character and integrity!!  Jamie Flick is that person, — Barry Myers
Business Owner

Great news!  Best of luck Jamie, you have our support! — Nancy Caschera

Finally someone we can trust, you can put your signs on my property Jamie. — Ron Poust

This is an incredible man dedicated to his community and family! I hope that anyone that is registered to vote , takes time to consider a man who wants to make a difference rather than have personal gain in this position . — Stacey Losell

Can’t think of a better man for the job. I’ve joked with Jamie about running for office for a long time. Couldn’t be happier to see such a great guy running. Congrats Jamie! — Riley Hengler

Already has done so much for our community. Can’t wait to see what more he can do! Jamie has my full support! — Maria Hengler

Outstanding man all the way around please vote for our friend Jamie Flick — Melissa Gardner

I have known Jamie for over 20 years, when he gave me my first break into the software business. Jamie is not only an incredible boss and businessman, but an incredible man all around. His commitment to everything he does is nothing short of spectacular. He has and will work hard for what's best for his community, and his community would be lucky to have him represent them. — Michael Vassallo
Lead Software Engineer, Broadridge Financial Solutionstions

As a small business owner, now retired, I know Jamie will have your best interests at heart. He will follow through on what he promises. He will keep our community safe and work to uphold family values and strengthen our government. He has a true commitment to our area and especially the youth which is our future. Give him a chance, I have known Jamie for 40 years and am proud and blessed to have his friendship and consider it an honor to endorse him. — Kate Crosby

I have had the privilege of witnessing Jamie in a multitude of roles over the last 20+ years and to this day, he continues to impress me with how much he can accomplish and how committed he is to the community, both small and large. Regardless of role, Jamie's genuine and quality character prevails. He is dependable and dedicated. The world, especially our government, needs more people like Jamie Flick. I truly can't imagine any other individual that is better suited to evoke needed change and I fully endorse Jamie's candidacy. — Kaylynn Kunkel

Jamie and I have been friends for 40 years. I have always admired him for being a caring and compassionate guy. He gives to others out of a need for service. I have been impressed with his support of local children and activities for them. I am SO excited about him running for the state house and he will be a great representative for our area. I'm proud to say he is my friend. — Jerry Crosby

I have known Jamie my entire life. You will not meet a more down to earth genuine guy in your life. He cares about the community and the people who live in it. Jamie is the guy who will roll up his sleeves and get the job done and is always willing to listen and lend a helping hand. His passion and commitment is unmatched and endless. Gail Wagner-Brown. — Gail Brown

Jamie has always had his family’s and community’s best interest in mind when it comes to learning and consistently extends learning opportunities to those close to him. Prior to becoming a Social Studies teacher, Jamie provided me with learning opportunities that I would have never experienced otherwise. Visits to major art museums and historical shows were all possible with his generosity and encouragement, and he continues to push me to be a lifelong learner. His involvement in local school board and substitute efforts displays his intent to improve his community. When I consider who could best represent our area in the future, I strongly advocate for Jamie Flick. — John Peters

I have known Jamie for well over 10 years as he was one of my sons Little League Coaches. I got to know him quite well over the years and have found him to be a man of integrity and honesty. He is most definitely a ethical and hard worker and has accomplished a number of wonderful things in our community. I have no doubt that he can do the same in Harrisburg. He has my full support to go to Harrisburg and upset the apple cart because that is what it will take to clean up our Capital and enact needed reform and tax decreases. Good Luck Jamie!! — Carl Hiller

I love everything about this man! — Bambi Hawkins

My name is Dan Lazorka. I have known Jamie "forever" as we grew up together.  Jamie has always been a very proud and patriotic American.  We share a common love of motorcycles and have traveled to the Flight 93 Memorial together  - once to support former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge in his fundraising efforts and once to see the memorial when it was completed.  I can assure you that I do not know of a better candidate to serve central Pennsylvania than Jamie. He has the intgrity, honesty and work ethic to make a difference here at home and in Harrisburg.  Please vote for Jamie. — Dan Lazorka

Hi all!  Jamie has been a close personal friend of mine for decades.  We have spent time togther right here in the Susquehanna Valley and also in Japan during my baseball career.  Not only is Jamie an extremely successful businessman he also does so much for the community.  Jamie not only talks the talk - he walks the walk.  He is an avid supporter of childrens programs as evidenced by the fact that he has coached youth sports and also adopted two children from the inner-city.  Additionally he serves as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for kids right here in Lycoming County.  A vote for Jamie is a vote for our kids and grandkids!

— Tom O'Malley
Professional Baseball Player

To say Jamie's a pretty good guy would be an understatement.  I have known this man most of my adult life and am amazed by how he can bring people together and get things done.  I am confident that he will be able to do the same thing in Harrisburg.  Jamie will be a true asset to the citizens of Lycoming (and Union) County.  I fully support him in his campaign and ecourage you to vote for him. — Lisa Solomon

Jamie and I worked together at GTE Sylvania in the early 1980's.  I was in the machine shop and he was in the computer department.  When GTE shut down in the mid 1980's we both struck out on our own immediately.  I started a tool company and Jamie started a software company.  Over the past 35 years we have compared notes many times and watched our companies grow through hard work.  Jamie is a true believer in capitalism and has an unbelievable work ethic and high moral values .  He understands what it takes to grow a company.  Jamie is a natural leader and he has my vote to be our next State Representative and I encourage you to vote for him as well. — Mike Koch
President, Premium Tool

Friends of Jamie Flick
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